Empower designs & builds interactive dashboards for busy business leaders.

We offer visual analytics design, development and deployment services for enterprise business intelligence projects. Specializing in maximizing the benefit of the Tableau suite of products for our Clients, we empower companies to leverage data to make value-driven investments, align processes, drive accountability, and run a more effective organization.

Through our service offerings, we partner with your Finance, IT and Operations teams to elevate the value they’re able to deliver in support of growth and profit expansion.

“The Empower Team played a critical role in advancing our reporting and analytics capabilities.”

– Chief Accounting Officer

Addressing the Needs of the Business User through Effective Storytelling.

We partner with business leaders to develop dashboards that are personal to them. We connect actual results to business targets and compare versus benchmarks to indicate success and opportunities for improvement.

Accountants love us because we ensure the results tie out to the details. Report delivery ranges from classic interactive dashboards accessible via mobile, desktop or laptop computer, to push-based delivery of customized reports to hundreds of users.

“Empower has mastered the art of data by guiding the user through a story of both what and why. The results to our company are truly transformational.”

– Information Technology Director

360° Business Insight

Bring together financial data, operational metrics, sales opportunities, client service statistics and more for a complete view of the business. Identify risks and opportunities faster and develop a more targeted response with the complete business perspective. We work with your leadership team to design and develop a visual analytics solution that tells the complete operational story of the business.

Sales Effectiveness

Operations, Sales and Executive leaders gain visibility to current Sales Team pipeline, activities, close rate and more with our sales analytics deep dive. Understand pipeline aging and how it affects your financial forecast, view full year estimated bookings, and see who your most effective sales reps are at any given point in time. We’ll help you define custom success metrics based on your business and deliver insights you can trust.

Customer Experience

Client Satisfaction is at the heart of every business. Whether you manage an implementation team, incoming call center, repair requests or service equipment, those activities have a vital impact on your customers’ view of your company. We will review the processes and systems used to track and escalate issues, then deliver custom, targeted benchmark reporting you can use to monitor progress against as your team evolves.

Deliver an Analytics Project Your Team Will Love With a Partner Who Gets It.

We’ll help you get answers to those ‘next-level’ questions that will help your team have ultimate visibility to the metrics that matter to them. Our success is defined by helping our clients reach the next level in their evolution, and we constantly look for opportunities to improve, align, automate, and deliver more.

“Empower was able to translate ideas into solid solutions. The turn-around time and quality of the work was exceptional.”

– Business Owner

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