Customer Experience

Proactively address customer satisfaction with actionable insights.  Our team uses current Data Prep
tools, including Tableau, Alteryx and Power Query, to bring together support data across different
systems to give you a global view of your client management team’s performance via Tableau,
Power BI, or other data visualization tool.

Whether you manage an implementation team, incoming call center, repair requests or service
equipment, gain complete visibility to all levels of support activities so you can focus on exceeding
client expectations.

We will review the processes and systems used to track and escalate issues, then deliver custom,
targeted benchmark reporting you can use to monitor progress against as your team’s efforts and
processes evolve.

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Founded in 2014, with the mission of supporting growth through analytics.  We believe in the power of making analytics accessible and intuitive, expanding impact across the organization, and driving user adoption using experience-focused design.

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