Sales Effectiveness

We’ll connect to your Salesforce, Dynamics or other CRM system to develop critical productivity metrics including Win Rate, Pipeline Age, Sales Call Activities, Targeting, Bookings Forecast, Pipeline roll-forward, and Pipeline Growth.  Gain clear understanding of your team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement with interactive dashboards developed in Tableau, Power BI, or other data visualization tool.

Empower your Operations, Sales, Financial, and Executive leaders to understand pipeline aging and
how it affects your financial forecast, view full year estimated bookings, and see who your most
effective sales reps are at any given point in time.

We’ll help you define custom success metrics based on your unique business needs and deliver
insights you can trust with our sales analytics deep dive.

Sales Win Rate

Sales Productivity

Sales Activities


Founded in 2014, with the mission of supporting growth through analytics.  We believe in the power of making analytics accessible and intuitive, expanding impact across the organization, and driving user adoption using experience-focused design.

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